I have a genuine interest in the funeral services I facilitate and when people say “thank you I have learned something today” then my job is done.
That’s how important my funerals are to me


I feel very privileged when asked to conduct a funeral service. Grief and sadness is a very strong emotion. Being a celebrant gives me the opportunity to assist families at this difficult time.

Let’s celebrate the life of your loved one. Let’s evoke some emotional response. Let’s create a cherished memory. Let’s capture the essence of your loved one. Let’s choose a favourite song for the service – as music can trigger a deep emotional experience. It’s not the music but what it reminds us of. Let’s make it personal and unique. And all this will give so much meaning to the service and to everyone attending.

My offer to you:

  • I will assist and guide you as we prepare the service
  • I am available to meet with you immediately
  • It is of vital importance to maintain respect and dignity for all
  • Respect the privacy of family and friends
  • Deliver the service professionally and accurately
  • Uphold high professional standards
  • I have a calm sense of presence and a professional demeanour

I can be contacted directly on 0412 552 509

Dear Bess

Now that I have had a day to reflect and rest I need to express a sincere and deep “thank you” for your valuable contribution in speaking so eloquently, professionally, with kind guidance to myself and my siblings. I sincerely appreciate everything you did. I tend to believe that everything happens for a reason and I feel that we were lucky enough to meet you.  You did a great job on the day despite doing this on a regular basis, you made the funeral service feel individual and special.

Thanks again Bess. I hope we keep in touch…

Regards, Maria S.

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