Same Sex Marriages

Mario Anders

I would like to introduce you to my friend and colleague Mario Anders who has the amazing insight in facilitating same-sex marriages. He is very experienced, a true professional and very easy to talk to.


This is what he recites at his wedding ceremonies

”I have always believed that marriage should be open up to our society equally and include all couples without distinguishing them by adjectives. The commitment to a lifetime of love and care between a couple is identical. The love and support shown by the families and friends involved is identical”


This is what he says about his work

”I have met and married many couples of all different race, creed, colour and sex. I think the melting pot metaphor describes the fusion of culture, ethnicity, nationality and gender and it is a wonderful opportunity for me to experience, witness and solemnise their union”


Mario Anders – Authorised Civil Marriage Celebrant

Mobile: 0418 564 852